My Future Cover Model

I had a great time yesterday playing around with my camera and shooting pictures of my 16 year old in a cemetery close to me.  Most people find it spooky there because of the huge oak trees with Spanish Moss hanging down from the limbs. I guess it could be at night but I find…

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This is why I live in the middle of nowhere ;)

There is nothing I like better than a peaceful and quiet morning. After living for years in the hustle and bustle of cities (Like Seattle, WA) I enjoy the quiet sounds of nature. This view is the treeline across my backyard. They surround my yard on 3 sides….The kids say the gateway to Narnia is…

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Thea and Viv’s Big Adventure

Two of my favorite authors are going on a big adventure to celebrate their upcoming releases; Be sure to join Thea Harrison and Vivian Arend, May 30th – Jun 12th as they “visit” some really cool destinations. Be sure to visit their websites to find out more about their Big Adventure and Blog Tour. If…

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Out with the old…In with the new ;)

My old site has decided that it wanted to rebel so I decided to incorporate my portfolio with my blog. Please excuse the empty spaces while I add information to the new design 🙂