ON SALE NOW! Get In Search Of Pride for a limited time for $2.99!

ON SALE NOW! Get In Search Of Pride for a limited time for $2.99! (Includes Carnal Twilight)
Take a trip to Ierilia where gods and goddesses rule, shapeshifters abound, magic and sorcery tangle in an effort to stop the evil from worming its way through the realms. The addition of a crashed Earth ship creates new challenges and the humans in their mix lead to journeys filled with romance, angst, quests, and humor.

My Future Cover Model

I had a great time yesterday playing around with my camera and shooting pictures of my 16 year old in a cemetery close to me.  Most people find it spooky there because of the huge oak trees with Spanish Moss hanging down from the limbs. I guess it could be at night but I find it more tranquil than spooky. It was a beautiful sunny day and the kid was more apt to goof off than take a serious picture. I spent more time laughing than taking serious shots. Here are a few of the candid photos and you can see from the pictures that she had a great time playing the model.

***These photos are copyrighted to me and are not to be used anywhere else. ***


This is why I live in the middle of nowhere ;)

There is nothing I like better than a peaceful and quiet morning. After living for years in the hustle and bustle of cities (Like Seattle, WA) I enjoy the quiet sounds of nature. This view is the treeline across my backyard. They surround my yard on 3 sides….The kids say the gateway to Narnia is in there but I think our woodland inhabitants are shape shifters 😛

Normally I’d sit out on the front porch and enjoy the view but one of my neighbors decided that he needed to make use of a chainsaw. Maybe he’ll chase all of the shape shifters to my yard…One can only dream 😉

Thea and Viv’s Big Adventure

Two of my favorite authors are going on a big adventure to celebrate their upcoming releases; Be sure to join Thea Harrison and Vivian Arend, May 30th – Jun 12th as they “visit” some really cool destinations. Be sure to visit their websites to find out more about their Big Adventure and Blog Tour. If you haven’t read their books yet, you should really check them out 🙂

Out with the old…In with the new ;)

My old site has decided that it wanted to rebel so I decided to incorporate my portfolio with my blog. Please excuse the empty spaces while I add information to the new design 🙂