So much to do…So little time…

Between personal life and work I have been pretty busy this summer. Sadly my portfolio and blog have been neglected because of this. I still have LOTS of covers to sort through and add to the site but I have updated this morning with around 20 of my most recent cover designs. You can see a preview of some of the new additions on the main page of my portfolio.

I still need to reprogram the blog. I’m not liking the way it looks nor does it have the features that I would like to add. I’ll probably install worpress very soon and nix the plugin I am using now.

Meanwhile I thought it would be fun to give an inside look at what I start with when I design a cover and the finished product. The cover for Alien Revealed by Lilly Cain was an interesting challenge. The book is science fiction in which the heroine is an alien. Her body from her hairline to her elbows and knees are is covered in swirls that look like henna. I started using a control room as a background and found an suitable couple. The “Tatoos” are hand painted. You can see a detailed version of the cover by clicking the graphic. Alien Revealed is available at Carina Press.

Alien Revealed Example

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